Vladimír Dudr


The idea

Music we love is usually forty to ninety years old. At least half of tango ever recorded is still not available digitally. And that is why I started getting shellac and vinyl records and transfer them. Also we DJs are said to repeat 300 songs all over again. I want to break free and from time to time spice the milonga with fresh and nice titles to support creativity of dancers and to amuse other tango geeks. ;-)


Some transfers were done with one of the best turntable ever made: EMT 930st with legendary TSD-15, TMD-25 and TND-65 cartriges. Big thank you belongs to Just Jörg, who owns this rare technical wonder and allowed me to use it for this purpose. As well we transferred gems from his shellac collection as noted in list below. The digital interface is at the moment Echo AudioFire4, nice and reasonable FireWire tool providing good sound overall. Now I own my own equipment, not that spectacular, but there is lot of room for incremental upgrades. It is Technics SL-1210 Mk4, Japan market only model, which has also 78 rpm already built-in. Goldring 2300 cartridge and Schiit Mani preamp. As AD I am using RME ADI-2 Pro.

The vinyl transfers

Code Name Release Date Release Country Comment Listen
Juan D’Arienzo
RVP-6048 D’Arienzo interpreta a Francisco Lomuto 1976 Japan re-release of Argentine AVS-4308 from 1974, nice vinyl containing splendid rendition of “Churrasca” Churrasca:
RVP-6105 Última Grabacción 1976 Japan last recordings of “El rey del compás”, it contains some tracks, which are not found in most of discographies Su pena:
AVS-4154 El bar de Rosendo 1972 Argentina containing loved “Mi dolor”, searched “Adiós Coco” and beatiful “Y porque no”. Let’s rock! Y porque no:
AVL-3989 Armenonville 1970 Argentina Amazing tracks, but the fidelity is lower. Maybe I can find a stereo edition? Armenonville, Portenisimo, Senda Florida! Dos dedos:
Carlos Di Sarli
MH 70.587 El senor del tango vol.2 1978 Japan original Music Hall remaster. Enjoy “Los 33 orientales” or “Barba de choclo”! Los 33 orientales:

Orquesta Típica Corrientes

is interesting Japanse group recording around year 1980. Two of three records I have are devoted to revive music of “Guardia nueva”. So we can listen to classics like OTV “Adiós Argentina”, Firpo’s ‘Carcajada’ or Carabelli’s “Mentira”, all recorded with amazing fidelity and instrumental perfection. - Vocación Tanguera vol.1 (AMP-101) - Vocación Tanguera vol.2 (AMP-102)

The shellac transfers