VladimĂ­r Dudr |Traditional tango DJ


About me and my style


Every single tango I’m putting on should offer something new to the milonga. I’m trying to avoid any exaggeration to be able to keep good mood through the whole evening. Looking for the perfect tandas and the perfect time to unleash the strength of the music recorded even nine decades ago. Having no rules, but ideas gained by listening, dancing and studying the genre and its history.


I am resident DJ of one of the Prague’s weekly milongas. In total I played at ~300 tango events since the year 2012. I usually stick with the music of late twenties to late fifties.

My equipment and collection

I’m using regular notebook powered by Arch Linux. For playing the music itself I’m relying on Mixxx player and HRT Music Streamer HD DAC to provide the best sound possible. My collection contains about 500+ albums of tango music, mostly CDs. As many of them as possible I store in FLAC format to ensure that no single detail of the music is lost. I continue in searching for better quality transfers and growing my collection.